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Advocate Spotlight: Julie Tucker

Julie Tucker has been a CASA volunteer since November of 2020. She recently and successfully closed her first case, which happily resulted in reunification. Julie went above and beyond for her CASA child, thinking outside the box and often challenging the status quo to ensure the child’s best interest was always kept a priority. Along the way, there have, of course, been challenges and some stress, and Julie states that she was able to turn to her CASA supervisor during those times. In future cases, she’s looking forward to collaboration with other volunteers, which she believes will also be helpful.

Julie says she initially joined CASA due to her previous work with The Next Door and that she’ll continue to be a CASA because “I can really understand the importance of third-party oversight. Having been a CASA now, I can see how things could potentially fall through the cracks.” Julie says her favorite part of advocacy is “watching kids—and their families—thrive and have opportunities.” She believes helping others is something everyone should do: “I feel that if we’re capable of helping others, it’s our duty as humans to uplift others. You don’t have to have a lot of money or even a lot of time to do this work.” She adds that there are built-in boundaries to keep volunteers from overextending themselves, which can be easy to do when you care about children as much as Julie does.

Julie has lived in the Gorge off and on her entire life. She chuckles, adding, “I’m third generation Gorge!” CG CASA and the entire Gorge community are lucky to have Julie on the team. We look forward to seeing her advocacy in action again when she’s ready to tackle another case and make such a wonderful difference in the lives of more children.

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