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Advocate Spotlight: Carol Beamer

Carol Beamer, who’s lived in the Gorge for over six years, has been a CASA for almost four years, having been sworn in by Judge John Olson in February of 2020. She’s been advocating for the same case for almost as long as she’s been a CASA volunteer, having been assigned just a month after completing training. Carol’s dedication to her case, which hasn’t been easy, has been steadfast and unflappable, despite the many twists and turns encountered.

Carol became a CASA volunteer because she “wanted to be in-service in a very hands-on way to children who truly needed someone positive in their lives.” She has indeed lived up to this goal, never failing to provide detailed court reports for each hearing and often speaking up in court even—especially—in the most challenging times. Carol balances eloquence, professionalism, and perseverance in every aspect of her advocacy. Her advocacy for her CASA children has been unwavering, her care and concern for the children always evident.

We asked Carol about her favorite part of advocacy, to which she replied, “The kiddos, of course! Their inherent joy and resilience are inspiring.” When it comes to managing stress in her case, Carol adds, “I exercise it out!”

She concluded by stating, “CASA is a great service organization and is helping our community in countless ways. Thanks to everyone involved.” The organization and community, however, thank Carol: she has, without a doubt, made a true difference in their case and young lives.

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