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New Advocates Join CASA

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Linda Chamberlain, Christopher Janetzko, Theresa Martinez, and Becky Mathany have joined Columbia Gorge CASA as advocates for children experiencing foster care. CGCASA is a nonprofit that works with trained, community volunteers to advocate for children in Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman Counties.

The new recruits completed an extensive training curriculum approved by the National CASA/GAL Association. The training sessions included topics such as how the foster care system works, unconscious bias, court report writing, and child welfare best practices. Upon successful completion of this training, the advocates were sworn-in by Judge Karen Ostrye in a small ceremony at the Hood River County Courthouse.

At the completion of training, CASA volunteers are appointed to advocate for the best interest of children who are involved in the foster care system. As part of their advocacy, CASA volunteers serve as the voice of a child by writing fact-based reports. These reports provide the court with a more complete, objective picture of the child’s current situation.

“I want every child in our community to feel the same level of support that I have felt living the Gorge,” said new advocate Linda Chamberlain. “I hope that by being a consistent presence in a child’s life, during a difficult time, will help them feel supported.”

“All of our CASA volunteers have a heartfelt desire to serve their community,” expressed Training Coordinator Mike Mayfield. “This group of new advocates is no exception. They are eager to stand up and be a voice for children who need their support now more than ever.”


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