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Intern: Dora Plascencia-Macias

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Dora Plascencia-Macias was born and raised in Hood River but is currently a Stanford University undergraduate. She will graduate in 2025 with a bachelors in sociology and a minor in human rights to pave her path to law school. This summer, Dora will be an intern at Columbia Gorge CASA focusing on helping to strengthen the nonprofit's Hispanic and Latino outreach.

Dora joined CASA because she is passionate about advocating for children’s rights. She has a background in working with children in women shelters, so when she found out about CASA she knew it was the perfect way to continue her advocacy work in the area. Being involved in making sure children are in a safe place and have the support they need has always been something Dora cares about and hopes to find a path in the legal field that allows her to continue doing similar work.

Dora says, “it’s important to me that all children know that there are people that care about them and are willing to stand by their side whenever they need it for whatever they need.”
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