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Advocate Spotlight: Ed Drew

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Advocate Spotlight: Ed Drew

Ed Drew has been CASA volunteer since February of 2020. A retired Hood River Valley High School principal who moved to the Gorge in 1987, Ed has brought his valuable knowledge and experience to our organization, allowing him to connect with and more strongly advocate for the kids he serves. Ed is currently on his second case and does an amazing job finding creative ways to ensure his CASA youth not only receive the services they need but are also able to continue pursuing their favorite activities and hobbies no matter where they live. Ed always greets others with a smile and friendly, “Hello!” and is diligent in attending meetings and court hearings, staying in touch with his CASA youth, and writing thoughtful court reports. When asked what led him to become a CASA volunteer, Ed says that it was his career: having been a teacher, coach, and administrator, Ed has worked with some of the same children that CASA helps. He adds, “It’s been rewarding to me when I feel that I may have had a positive impact on their lives.” That feeling of making a difference in the lives of youth is Ed’s favorite part of advocacy. When asked how he handles any stress from his cases, Ed points out that the issues and situations often faced in child welfare have long been a regular part of his career. “Because of that,” he says, “I seldom feel stressed… although my failure in meeting timelines has caused me some duress!” [CASA staff would interject that Ed does a wonderful job of meeting timelines!] Ed concludes, “Kids are kids. They all need guidance and support in order lead a productive and contented life. When they don't get it from their home (or it’s thwarted), it needs to come from somewhere else. Everyone in the CASA program attempts to provide them with these needs.” Columbia Gorge CASA, the youth we serve, and the entire community are fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and concerned about children’s well-being. We all genuinely enjoy working with Ed and thank him for all his hard work.

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