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CASA Welcomes: George Bentz

CASA is excited to welcome George Bentz to its team of volunteer advocates. George Bentz was sworn in as an advocate in December of 2023 after completing training to be an advocate.


George moved to the area in 2001. He first became familiar with CASA from his sister, who serves as an advocate in Portland. Upon recent retirement from his own business automating packaging lines, George decided it was time for him to become a volunteer advocate for children.


George, like all advocates at Columbia Gorge CASA, completed an extensive screening and training process approved by the National CASA/GAL Association.


“I think the thing that struck me most from training is how many kids do not have an advocate looking out for their needs and wants,” said George. “I was also surprised on how much this is needed right here in the gorge.” 


Now that George has been sworn in, it will be his responsibility to meet with a child on a regular basis to learn about their needs. Additionally, any time the child’s case is reviewed in court, it will be his responsibility to give the judge an update on the child’s life and make recommendations in the child’s best interest.


“I had a great time training George,” said Program Coordinator Leah Campbell.  “George shows a lot of self-awareness and brings an open-minded approach, both of which are essential tools for advocacy work.”


You, too, can become an advocate like George. There are still many children in our region who could benefit from having an advocate for them. CASA’s next training for new volunteers will start in the spring.

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