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Columbia Gorge CASA serves in the unique and necessary role of being court appointed to provide advocacy for children experiencing foster care in Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman Counties. We work to help ensure that the most vulnerable children in our community have trained advocates speaking up for their best interest and serving as a consistent presence in their life throughout their time in care.

Since CGCASA began in 2007, over 500 children have had CASA representation in court. Our volunteers provide BOTH advocacy in court and a consistent relational presence in the lives of children throughout their time in foster care.

One story that really stands out to me is the advocacy of our dedicated volunteer, Julie. Since completing training and being sworn in as an advocate just over two years ago, Julie has put her heart and soul into her advocacy. One of her cases was especially challenging because it was difficult to find a placement for the child due to significant behavioral issues largely stemming from trauma. Because of these behaviors, the child had to be moved to multiple placements and repeatedly forced to readjust to new environments. No matter the change, however, Julie made it a point to visit the child in all of their placements, serving as a consistent presence throughout the child’s time in care. Eventually, through her advocacy and collaboration with other parties to the case, much-needed wrap-around services were provided and the child was able to be reunited with their family.

With your financial support, we can recruit and train additional volunteers like Julie to help ensure every child in our community has a voice. In the state of Oregon, the annual average cost to provide advocacy for one child is $2,085. EVERY dollar makes a difference to help us serve 100% of the need, and this year, your gift will go twice as far! Jeff and Melissa Rippey will graciously be matching up to $7,000 in donations given to Columbia Gorge CASA during this appeal.

Your support of CASA is a long-term investment in the next generation of our community. The National CASA/GAL Association reports that studies have shown that children with a CASA volunteer tend to perform better academically and behaviorally, have fewer placements, and are more likely to achieve permanency.

Please join CASA in helping to ensure that our community’s most vulnerable children have a brighter future.

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