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Advocate Supervisor: Rachel Perman

We are excited to welcome Rachel Perman to our team as our new advocate supervisor! Previous to her involvement with CASA, Rachel worked at the Seattle Humane Society for five years as the cat/foster program manager, and most recently ran the charitable giving program at The Tofurky Company.

She came to CASA because it is important to her that she is part of a team of people working to be of service to others and help those in need. She believes CASA’s mission is important because, “because having a volunteer advocate who consistently shows up for a child experiencing the child welfare system, supports them, and advocates for them is life-changing for that child and can mitigate some of the trauma they have gone through.”

“I hope to be able to fully support the CASA volunteers as they do this critical work for children and I hope that regardless of outcome, each volunteer advocate understands what a positive difference they are making.”

She enjoys spending time with her two sons and their three cats. On her free time, she enjoys gardening, reading, hiking, and doing puzzles as she identifies herself as a “puzzle nerd.”

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